Congress is being lobbied hard to slip the approval of bigger, more damaging double trailer trucks into a massive government spending bill. 
Unless constituents make their voices heard, Congress could force motorists in every state to share the road with massive “double-33s” – truck combinations that will reach 91 feet in length overall.
U.S. Department of Transportation studies have concluded double-33s would increase damage to pavement and bridges and pass huge new costs on to taxpayers. 
With other highway users and taxpayers covering a large portion of their costs, these trucks would be heavily subsidized, ultimately taking the place of many 53-foot single trailer trucks and diverting millions of container loads now moving by rail onto our congested highways. After all, when you subsidize something, you get more of it.
Why subsidize more damaging trucks that create new burdens for taxpayers while diverting freight from the rail network to our crumbling roads and bridges? Congress cannot find the money to keep up with existing highway repair and maintenance needs – why make matters even worse?
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