Help Oppose Minnesota Train Tax

Yet again, Governor Dayton has proposed a massive tax hike – nearly $100 million a year on railroads. These taxes will diminish railroads' ability to enhance safety and have a negative impact on Minnesota farmers, grain companies, mining companies, retailers and ultimately every Minnesotan. 

The proposal would essentially double property taxes on railroads. Approximately $65 million per year of these taxes would go to local units of government to use however they want, not necessarily for safety improvements. Another $33 million in taxes would go to railroad grade crossings even though rarilroads and states already share costs for grade crossing projects and Congress passed a sizable increase in grade crossing funding in December 2015.

Freight railroads spent and invested $500 million in Minnesota and $30 billion natiowide in 2015 on track, signals, rolling stock and new technology. These private investments by railroads into their network grow the economy, create jobs, improve safety and reduce greenhouse emissions. Governor Dayton's proposals would divert money to government use at a time when Minnesota companies and communities are relying on freight rail to haul more goods and strengthen their connection to the competitive global marketplace. 

Please ask your representatives in St. Paul to oppose the Governor's train tax!

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